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 About Us

RxPillsMd was one of the first online generic medication providers to appear on the net, when its owners, a partnership with medical and e-commerce background, recognized the genuine need for providing a cheap, reliable and, most importantly, a quality service for buying generic versions of popular brand-name medications. The company took advantage of the fact that it was able to market generic versions of drugs that were still under patent in certain countries, but not in others, and thus pass on the sometimes huge savings onto its customers.

We will not sell prescription medications without the customer stating that he has visited a doctor and received a prescription for the drug he is intending to buy, and our medical staff will ask, or answer, any open questions, if needed, concerning the order.

We pride ourselves on our customer support and excellent after purchase service which explains why we have a 30% return customer rate - the highest in the business.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us.
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