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Vardenafil Professional Pills    Vardenafil Professional

Vardenafil Professional 20mg is identical to the regular Vardenafil 20 mg that is available on the market, but dissolves under the tongue. This method of medication enables the active ingredients to be absorbed quicker into bloodstream through ones saliva than the regular pill that is swallowed and absorbed through the digestive system into the bloodstream. Vardenafil Professional 20mg can become active in less than 20 minutes for some men, and you do not need to wait sometimes over an hour as with similar products.

Vardenafil Professional 20 mg
Quantity Bonus Shipping Per Pill Price  
10 Pills - Free $13.90 $139.00
20 Pills - Free $8.45 $169.00
30 Pills - Free $6.30 $189.00
40 Pills - Free $5.47 $219.00
50 Pills 5 Pills Free $4.52 $249.00
60 Pills 10 Pills Free $4.12 $289.00
90 Pills 20 Pills Free $3.26 $359.00
120 Pills 30 Pills Free $2.79 $419.00
250 Pills 50 Pills Free $2.23 $669.00

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