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Sildenafil Super Active Pills    Sildenafil Super Active

Unlike regular Sildenafil Citrate which comes in the form of a hard tablet, Sildenafil Super Active is supplied in the form of a gelatin capsule. Gelatin capsules are soft and immediately dissolve once in your system, with results showing up usually in about 15 minutes. Sildenafil Super Active is absorbed into your blood quickly which makes the ingredients work faster and produce quicker results. This means that it will result in better turn around time, so to speak, between consumption of the pill and sexual intercourse.

Sildenafil Super Active 100 mg
Quantity Bonus Per Pill Price  
10 Pills - $7.90 $79.00
20 Pills - $4.45 $89.00
30 Pills - $3.63 $109.00
50 Pills 5 Pills $2.70 $149.00
60 Pills 10 Pills $2.55 $179.00
90 Pills 20 Pills $2.17 $239.00
120 Pills 30 Pills $1.86 $279.00

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